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Mynt Apps sponsors young kickboxing stars

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Young kickboxing stars are getting a helping hand from Mynt Apps.

The company is sponsoring kits for three Bristol-based kickboxers who could be Olympic medallists of the future. Cory Cook, Rio Williams, and Hayden Challenger are currently taking part in international events in their sport – one which is believed to be on a path to inclusion in a future Olympic games. The trio are part of Team Bristol and fight under the auspices of the junior world amateur kickboxing body, the World Association of Kickboxing Organisations (WAKO). Cory, aged 14, fights in the 13 to 15 age group at under 57kg. He has been kickboxing since the age of five. He won a gold medal at his age and weight at the 2016 junior WAKO world kickboxing championships in Dublin. Cory also won the points championship at his weight and age at the British championships in 2016. Rio, aged 12, fights in the under 37kg category in the 10 to 12 age group. He began kickboxing when he was seven.

He also won gold in the world championships, won the light contact title and won the points championship for his age and weight category at the British championships. Hayden Challenger, aged nine, is an up and coming kickboxing star after taking up the sport at four years old.


Mynt Apps

He won his under 25kg weight category in the European Cup at the Karlovac Open in 2016, also coming away with a silver and bronze in other categories. Hayden’s father David runs PC Motors, which has a Mynt App. He approached the company to sponsor the kits. Mr Challenger said: “They’re all so dedicated, training for hours to get themselves ready for competitions.

“I knew nothing about kickboxing until my partner Googled classes to boost a child’s confidence after Hayden started Reception classes and we found he had very low confidence. Team Bristol’s classes were the first that came up and they were just down the road. “Hayden went along and soon came to love it. It’s really boosted his confidence and now he’s a very promising kickboxer.”

Team Bristol, based at the GB Fit gym, is a thriving club which now has 200 members.

Its members travel around Europe for competitions – recently visiting events in Croatia, Italy, Austria, Ireland, Hungary, and Greece. As kickboxing isn’t an Olympic sport, it doesn’t attract the sort of funding which sports in the games receive. That means the youngsters, the club, and families have to fund their kits and their trips to competitions. Sponsorship is vital to help them succeed. Mr Challenger said: “We’re hoping this might change after 2024 as Hungary is one of the nations bidding to stage that Olympics. Kickboxing is Hungary’s national sport, so if they succeed, we hope kickboxing will become an Olympic sport.” Mynt Apps Managing Director Bob Kennedy said: “We’re delighted to be able to help some sports stars of the future. “We’re impressed with the dedication they’re showing to their sport.”

Watch Cory Cook fighting in the world championships here:


Watch Hayden Challenger fight in competition here:


Watch Rio Williams fight at the world championships here:



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