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Innovative company knew it wouldn’t waste money when it chose a Mynt App

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The Thermmynt appal Compaction Group knows all about helping their clients save money and protect the environment.

It provides companies and public sector organisations with machines which compact waste like polystyrene and polypropylene into bricks. They can either be used in new products or burned to create energy. Compaction can be carried out at a high enough temperature to sterilise the material. The process reduces the high cost of waste being sent to landfill, and can earn some residual income for customers. So when it came to looking for a cost-effective way of growing its business, Cardiff-based TCG decided on an affordable and effective Mynt App. TCG’s Tom Sebry said: “We discovered they had very reasonable set-up costs and an affordable monthly fee. “We also found that Mynt Apps’ customer service was excellent. Bob Kennedy works so hard to ensure his clients have what they need – and he’s always available for support and advice.” You can download it by clicking here.


TCG is a growing business with an eye on the future. “The way things are going, we see mobile app technology as the way forward,” Mr Sebry added. “It’s far more convenient to have a phone in your pocket than to be carrying around a laptop, and apps are the natural way most people view items on smartphones.”

TCG’s customers include NHS trusts who are looking to reduce the cost of sending sterile wrap waste to landfill. An average-sized hospital produces 100kg of sterile wrap waste every day, and it’s generally sent to landfill or incinerated.

Mr Sebry said: “Sterile wrap is used to cover beds and protect surgical instruments in operating theatres. It’s made from polypropylene which our machines compact down into bricks. They can then be used to make other products. That earns the NHS an income back.

“One example of a product it can be used to make includes the medical helmets some people with skull injuries need to wear to ensure their heads are protected.mynt app

“I was brought up in a family which keeps horses, so we are also looking at the veterinary options for the bricks like using them to make casts for injured horses’ legs.

“It’s a great feeling to be able to help the NHS save money. Instead of paying high landfill fees or sending waste to incineration which adds to their carbon footprints, trusts can purchase or lease compaction machines from us which will more than pay for themselves in the long run.”


Mynt Apps Managing Director Bob Kennedy said: “It’s great having a growing, forward-thinking company like TCG in our Mynt Apps family.”

Need advice on an app for your business? Call our friendly team and ask for Brian Fakir or Jo Thomas on 02920 226620.



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